Why do you need a duplex vein scan?

Any modern ultrasound machine has the ability to study blood vessels. Previously, there were options with and without Doppler, now all are equipped with a system for studying blood flow. In the arsenal of a phlebologist or about https://pillintrip.com/medicine/postafen-meclozine, this is his most important weapon. If you came to the clinic for a consultation with a phlebologist and he sends you somewhere to do an ultrasound, it is better to run away from such a doctor. If he does not know how to do an ultrasound on his own – this is bad, if he does not have an apparatus – this is also bad.

In fact, a phlebologist is a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics. He must be able to examine superficial and deep veins. Actually, a visit to a phlebologist should end with a diagnosis based on a conversation, examination and duplex scanning, as well as a prognosis and recommendations for treatment. We systematize complaints, collect an anamnesis about the drugs taken, which can provoke, for example, edema. Then carefully do a scan – it takes 15-20 minutes.