Hazardous stages of hemorrhoids initiation

Don’t treat hemorrhoids? Get ready to lie under the knife for the surgeon! So, what is the risk of hemorrhoids not being treated or what can hemorrhoids cause?

A little discomfort in the back aisle, itching and even blood drops on toilet paper, most people write off as temporary illness. And those are the first symptoms of hemorrhoids. And when faced with such problems, you need to see a proctologist as soon as possible, says Dr. Denis Slinkin. However, everyone asks, is it possible not to treat hemorrhoids? 

Dr. Denis Slinkin says that most often a person first tolerates, then tries folk methods, and when the pain becomes almost unbearable, goes to the pharmacy for ointments and candles. Yes, drugs temporarily ease the pain. But hemorrhoids don’t go away from that! And in a few months the situation may get worse so that the patient will have to lie under the knife of the surgeon.

There are four stages of hemorrhoids in total:

Dr. Denis Slinkin
  1. There’s a little discomfort in the first stage, and occasionally, defecation hemorrhoids;
  2. The second stage of the hemorrhoids may be accompanied by the loss of hemorrhoid nodules from the anus in nature. But they are still repositioning themselves. Also, in addition to bleeding and discomfort, there are excreta, itching;
  3. The third stage is characterized by deposition of hemorrhoid nodes, which require manual repositioning. There is a strong chronic pain, contamination of clothes;
  4. Stage four hemorrhoids are the most unpleasant and dangerous! Hemorrhoid assemblies can no longer be repaired. There is a thrombosis, heavy bleeding. This stage of the disease can only be cured by surgery. No minimally invasive techniques will not help. The surgery itself isn’t complicated. However, the postoperative period is very difficult to tolerate, requires a stay in hospital (about a week) and a fairly long rehabilitation at home (up to two weeks).