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Epitomax to help sufferers of essential tremor


The American Academy of Neurology has developed practical treatment parameters for essential tremor( ET), which are based on modern scientific knowledge and practical experience. Treatment includes pharmacological (treatment with drugs such as Epitomax) and neurosurgical (deep stimulation of the basal ganglia) approach. The most commonly used drugs for ET are beta-adrenergic receptor blockers (propranolol), Epitomax […]


Absolute or medical blindness is a total loss of vision, an inability to distinguish light from darkness. In this condition, the vision is 0. A distinction is also made between civil (or practical, domestic) blindness, which loses the ability to navigate in the environment, to move around the house without assistance, but retains the perception […]

Symptoms of blindness

Clinically, blindness is classified into amaurosis, cattle, hemianopsia and color blindness. According to WHO, blindness can be diagnosed when the ability to see less than 3/60 or narrowing the visual field to 10 degrees. If the visual acuity is equal to 0, we are talking about absolute blindness. At the saved light sense and reaction […]


Blindness is a pathological condition in which the visual acuity is sharply reduced or completely absent. Depending on the form of the disease clinical symptomatology is a decrease in visual acuity, the appearance of livestock, color perception disorders, loss of the nasal or temporal halves of the visual field. Diagnosis of blindness is based on […]